Law Number: OG 26/2000 on Associations and Foundations and the Articles of Incorporation by the Maarif Foundation Turkey
Date of establishment: 11.05.2018
The goal
The purpose of the foundation is to provide in Romania extensive educational services in all stages of the educational process, from preschool to university education, to set up schools, educational institutions and dormitories, to prepare teachers to be included in these educational institutions, to carry out research and development and scientific development activities, to edit various educational materials for this purpose and to perfect the methods of education, to carry out other educational and educational activities in accordance with the regulations in Romania .
The objectives of the foundation, in order to achieve the goal:
A. Establishment of preschools, preparatory institutions, primary, secondary, high school and higher education institutions
B. Establishment of culture centers, study centers and training courses
C. Establishment of laboratories, libraries, spaces and sports and art facilities
D. Creating a website and publishing educational programs accepted by the Romanian Ministry of Education
E. Establishment of dormitories, boarding houses and service housing for those studying or working in educational institutions
F. Rental, purchase or takeover of space and premises, cooperation, including partnership with organizations or institutions with similar activities
G. Provides support to students, from preschool to university education, respectively providing scholarships for education, books, notebooks, clothing, computers and educational materials
H. Will carry out research and development studies, scientific research, and will support the research carried out and in progress, the publication of such research, the organization of conferences and workshops, will establish partnerships with institutions and organizations with activities in the same field.
I. Facilitate the establishment of educational and educational institutions, organize educational programs, encourage students to participate in various educational programs around the world to train people who can become teachers and academics and to hold positions in educational institutions . Providing scholarships and providing shelter, financial support to organizations and institutions with similar activities
The Maarif Foundation can carry out these activities alone or by creating partnerships with individuals or legal entities, it can also organize promotional activities.
• Maarif Romania Foundation is based on humanitarian knowledge and values, offering extensive education services to prepare successful people